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The Republic of Belarus is situated in the centre of Europe. Connecting the CIS countries with the states of West Europe 

Basic Information :

  • The territory of Belarus is 207, 000 sq. km.,
  • Population - about 10 million people; urban population makes up 70% of people.
  • The population of Minsk city, the capital of Belarus is about one fifth of the country population.
  • In accordance with the political division, Belarus consists of six regions (oblasts).

  • The state languages are Belarusian and Russian.
  • Belarus is one of economically developed countries of the CIS Region.


The most developing branches of industry are:

  • motor-car construction,
  • machine-tool construction and bearing production,
  • electrical industry,
  • oil mining and processing,
  • production of synthesized fiber,
  • fertilizers,
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • production of building materials,
  • light and food industries.


Charasteristic feature of national industry is production of finished commodity, the most part of which is exported.

Natural conditions of the Republic of Belarus let succesfully produce fresh products like :
beef, pork, meat
eggs of poultry,
long-fibred flax,
white beet and so on.
​Great attention is devoted to technical re-equipping of light and food industry, raising of export potential of agrarian sector.

According to the World Bank Doing Business 2012 Report, Belarus was ranked 69th out of 183 countries. In comparison with the year 2011, a number of methodological innovations helped Belarus climb 22 positions.

Belarus offers the following advantages for capital investments:

• direct access to the market of the Customs Union and the Single Economic Space;
• favorable economic and geographic location at the crossroads of major transport routes connecting the European Union and the CIS, the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea;
• well-developed infrastructure;
• political, social and economic stability, absence of international and religious conflicts;
• favorable ecological conditions;
• qualified workforce.

Belarus successfully cooperates with world-famous manufacturers,transnational corporations and large banks. Joint ventures and companies with foreign capital were set up in Belarus like :

  • MAN and Adidas (Germany),
  • Maersk Medical (Denmark),
  • Danone (France),
  • Olvi (Finland)

Shares of Belarusian banks are owned by Russia’s Sberbank, Vnesheconombank and Bank VTB, Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank and others.



In order to make Belarus more attractive for investors and enhance positive image of the country the National Bank and the Council of Ministers have worked out and approved the strategy to raise foreign direct investments till 2015 

Priority sectors for raising foreign direct investments (FDI) are defined as :

  • pharmaceutics,
  • biotechnologies,
  • nanotechnologies,
  • new materials,
  • information and telecom technologies.

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